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Established in 1994 with its Head Office in Mombasa, Panal Freighters Limited has since evolved to become a leading global logistics service provider specializing in Clearing and Forwarding and Transportation within Kenya and East Africa. Today, Panal Freighters Limited has branch offices in Nairobi, Nakuru and Kisumu and also a border office in Malaba to facilitate transit cargo to and from the East African region. Panal Freighters Limited also has strong affiliation alliances with reknown Regional and International Logistics Companies in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, USA, UK, Africa, Middle East and the GCC countries. Panal Freighters Limited is a one-stop shop when it comes to transportation and freight. The company has grown to become one of the household names in East and Central Africa offering freight forwarding services to its clientele nationally, regionally and internationally. The company has expert and dedicated staff that can facilitate effective solutions for your business using vast network of air, ocean, rail or road transportation modes, thus helping you extend your business horizon beyond the Kenyan skyline

  • Geographically

    Panal Freighters Limited is located in Mombasa, a port city in the shores of East African Indian Ocean. Mombasa is the second largest economic and infrastructure city in Kenya. It is also second to the Kenya’s capital City Nairobi in population which is an inherent underlying development contributing factor all over the world. East Africa is a region endowed with multi-diversity in several aspects namely languages, colours, tribes, cultural inherent behavioural aspects, geographically and historically. This is where you are to find people talking in over 120 different languages but with their solidarity embedded in that multi-cultural diversity. The region is dotted with beautiful mountains, lakes and rift valley. Equator a global milestone cuts across the nations of Kenya and Uganda therefore making it one of the best climatic region in the world. Despite an improved road infrastructure, the major challenge lies in terrains in some areas, therefore downplaying smooth movement of goods and people all across the region. .

  • Economically

    Unlike Europe, East Africa is a region that is generous to all forms and manners of products which are produced all across the world. A case in point, it would be not easy to find Tata automobiles, an Indian rapidly developing automobile maker, products in Italy, Belgium, Germany but you would find them in East African region. Owing to this liberal approach to economy, many products particularly from China, India, UK, Japan, Malaysia etc floods the market and therefore making the logistic industry expand substantially. These imported products has to be transported to the importers doorsteps in order to reach the consumers and therefore logistics freight becomes immediacy. Generally the region’s economy is very impressive, and so is its logistics phenomenal growth is, particularly when you compare it with other African regions.

  • culture

    Despite the diversity, it’s a region very endowed and intricately intertwined with culture and other many ways. For instance, the world’s middle and long distance runners are mainly from this region, particularly Kenya, Uganda and the legendary land of Abyssinia-Ethiopia.

    • ______ quality service by optimizing transport ______, means of transportation and ________ costs
    • ______ optimized supply chain infrastructure that ____ make a competitive advantage to ____ ________
    • ____________ demand and supply which will ______ easier and more accurate predictions of ____ clients needs