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Panal Freighters Limited has participated in several CSR activities as follows:

  • Health Program
  • Paving Panal Freighter's Lane
  • APDK Feeding Program
  • Bore-Hole Project
  • Efficiency of Security Staff
    is Recognized
  • Vision of Hope
  • MEWA Computer
  • Ramadhan Prayers

Deworming Project: School Health Program, Kilindini District, Mombasa

Panal Freighters Limited donated 110,000Deworming tablets for 22,000children through the School health Program in Kilindini District, Mombasa.

A Project facilitated by the Ministry of Health: District Medical Health Office.

"There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace." –Kofi Annan.
In retrospect of the above words spoken during a previous World Health day, Panal Freighters Limited began the New Year on a healthy note as they made a donation of 110,000-Deworming tablets for 22,000children through the Ministry of Health: District Medical Office for Health (DMOH), for the School Health program in Kilindini District, Mombasa as seen below.

Deworming Project: School Health Program Jan 2011

This program, which was launched on 19th January 2011, Wednesday, at Kipevu Primary School, was geared to deworm all children in Kilindini District between the ages of 6-12years to reduce the burden associated in the morbidity to infections and promote good health standards while the children are in school. The program included upto 100 primary schools in Changamwe and Likoni.
As the famous saying goes, “The greatest wealth is health,” and it is with this regard that Panal Freighters believes in investing in the lives of Children. We believe that this project will improve the quality of their lives and give them hope to succeed and achieve their dreams for, “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”
Panal Freighters Limited is recognized by the Mombasa Municipal Council

Panal Freighters Lane- Panal Freighters Limited was recognized by the Mombasa Municipal Council for fixing the road, Off Haile Selassie Road,  just outside the Head office using cabro.
Panal Freighters Limited supports APDK

Panal Freighters Limited received a letter of appreciation for the very helpful donation to The Association of the Physically Disabled.
Panal Freighters Limited supports Nyali Police Station Bore-Hole Project


Panal Freighters Limited attains recognition for contributing to the Nyali Police Station bore-hole project.

Panal Freighters Acknowledges Efficiency of Security Staff

Panal Freighters Staff attended the Graduation of KK Guards held at the ASK Grounds in Mombasa.
The security firm guards proved to be very efficient in their work and this was specifically noted when one of the guards, working as a security guard at Panal Freighters then, using his intelligence, highlighted on a Fraud Case that would have caused the Company a loss of 6Million Shillings.
The Company Management donated a Cash Reward of ksh 20,000 for the Guard even as the staff representatives officiated the Graduation.



Panal Freighters Supports the VISION OF HOPE ORPHANS PROJECT

Panal Freighters Limited joined hands with a small support group located in Jomvu Area, Mombasa to meet some of their critical needs.  The company responded to the request made by the Vision of Hope Orphans by providing the items below worth Ksh 300,000.
  • Stationery Items
  • Food Stuffs (Including Biscuits & Sweets for the Children)
  • Sports Equipment




Above: Panal Freighters Managing Director Mr. Ahmed Shimbwa (In blue Jeans), assists to distribute sweets and also provides foodstuffs (As seen in white shirt, third right, second picture).
The Company donated a further Ksh 100,000 for the Construction of a New Classroom for the Students. This was a joint venture with the Community leaders.

Above: Panal Freighters MD. Mr. Ahmed Shimbwa, (left Picture) listens to the architects’ plans of the classroom construction, while on the right, he samples the New classrooms after Construction.
Panal Freighters Limited, with the involvement of the Community leaders, and assisted by the Coast General Hospital, organized a Medical Camp that included 10doctors and between 15-20nurses for Health screening of both the adults and children within the same community.

The firm made a further donation of worth Ksh 100,000 for lunch of all the medical personnel and facilitators.

Panal Freighters Limited Supports the MEWA Computer Training School

Panal Freighters Limited Managing Director / CEO Mr. Ahmed Shimbwa is invited as the Guest of honour for the Graduation of MEWA Computer Training School.  The firm made Award donations and also sponsored one its students at the School till Completion.



Panal Freighters Limited in Collaboration with the Mombasa Municipal Council make a donation towards the Ramadhan Prayers in Mombasa

Panal Freighters Limited collaborated with the Mombasa Municipal Council to create unity within the community during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. As a firm, we saw the importance of consolidating people together for prayers and breaking of the fast during this period.
In doing so, we donated Ksh 200,000, towards hiring sound equipment, providing prayer mats as well as providing food at the stadium.




LEFT: Panal Freighters Limited Mr. Ahmed Shimbwa (second right) in collaboration with Mombasa Mayor, Mr. Ahmed Mohdhar, the Mombasa Town Clerk Mr. Tubman Otieno (Second right) lead the way to the Mombasa Stadium for Ramadhan Prayers.

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