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Some of the questions asked, include but are not limited to the following:

How long does it take to clear my cargo from port?

3-4 days, depending on the arrival of the vessel, the time it takes to dock and discharge its cargo and how soon we can get the original documents to be processed. We usually advice the clients to issue the original documents a few days before the vessel's arrival.

What if I am transporting perishable goods, what methods are you using to ensure my goods remain fresh when arriving at my destination?

We use a refer container to transport such items so you are assured of the freshest vegetables and fruits.

Is there any insurance for my cargo?

Yes there is. All our goods are insured against calamities, example of this insurance is Marine Insurance Cover which is available when we ship goods from overseas.

What is the time frame of transporting container from Mombasa—Nairobi?

Our time frame is usually one day.

How long does an entry take to be lodged?
This will be depend on the number items imported, 1 to 100 items can be lodged within a day.

How long does verification and releasing of container take?
it normally take a day, depending on the availability of customs officers, and TRADEX system

If I a clear a unit/car, is it possible for it to be driven to my premises?
It is possible, fuel and driver’s allowance will be at your cost.

Is it possible to have all the third party charges paid from my end & are they receipted?
Yes it is possible, all third party charges are receipted.

How will I be knowing progress of my shipment?
We usually have a customer care desk, which will be sending updates on daily basis.
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