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The firm owns and operates a comprehensive workshop, which offers sophisticated packing services to customers. Packing of all small and large products is done with care and professionalism using qualit—É packing materials.

When shipping your products for distribution, your transport packaging solution and design isn't a decision that you should take lightly. Transport packaging works to protect goods while they are in transit, and because most shipments are subject to more than one mode of transportation throughout their journey, packaging needs to be designed to stand up to both local and export conditions. By exploring the four main package transportation methods and their hazards, you can get a better idea about your transport packaging solution needs.

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Almost all packaging will require road transport to some degree. Road transportation is cost effective and ideal for transporting perishables for short distances. It is easy to monitor the location of your goods, but your packaging could be damaged by mishandling or careless driving. If you are choosing road transport, it is important to prepare for potential delays, including traffic, truck breakdown, and bad weather. Ensuring Proper Vibration Protection during Road Transport When shipping your products via road transport, it is important that you choose the right package design. Package cushioning can be designed for vibration protection if you consider that cushions should perform like springs. Depending on the thickness and load-bearing area of the cushion, it should be designed in a way that either does not have an influence on the input vibration or isolates the product from the vibration. The right design will make all the difference in how well the cushion can protect your product from vibration damage.

packaging options table
package size small medium large
Package dimensions 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178
Weight 35 kg 45kg 65kg
Capacity approx 158 units of _______ approx 258 units of _______ approx 258 units of _______